Fairmount Art Museum Tours

Fairmount Art Museum Tours
Posted on 02/13/2024
Ms. Clark and a FMT student show off art from the art showFairmount Elementary held its annual art show in February. Each grade level studied different artists and designed their own masterpieces in a similar style. During the day, Ms. Clark took each of her classes on a tour through the Fairmount museum to see students’ art and learn about each of the artists who inspired them. Parents and students toured the art show in the evening. 

Pre-k created their art using toilet paper tubes shaped into hearts as stamps. They then used string to create the decorative stitch around the outside displaying their impressive fine motor skills!

Kindergarten was inspired by the artist Jim Dine and created these pieces using a printing technique. They painted designs on half of their paper and then folded them shut to create the inside of the hearts. Jim Dine is an American artist born in Ohio. He is most well known for his paintings of everyday objects like tools, bathrobes, and more.

First grade created their artwork by first making a “printing plate” out of card stock and foam stickers. They then printed the hearts and decorated the backgrounds. They were inspired by the book “The Shape of My Heart.”

Second grade created their artwork by weaving strips of paper in and out of a paper loom. They then used either a whip stitch or a running stitch to add a decorative border to their work. They were inspired by fiber arts and quilting.

Third grade created a series of prints inspired by the famous Pop Artist Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol is most well known for his print series of Campbell's soup cans and Marilyn Monroe.

Fourth grade created giant candy heart sculptures using plaster strips and an armature made from card stock. They were inspired by the artist Peter Anton. Anton creates hyper realistic food art.

Fifth grade created paintings of sweet treats. They were inspired by the artist Wayne Tiebaud. Tiebaud is most well known for his paintings of confections, candy, and more.
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